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As an insatiable book-lover AND an actress, it only made sense that I'd delve into the world of audiobooks! 

My journey started In 2019, when the wonderful Jayme Mattler brought me in to co-narrate my first book as

Mikayla in ALL CITY by Alex DiFrancesco.  Since then, I've learned so much from working on

several other titles  with Blackstone Publishing, Harper Collins Audio, Dreamscape, MacMillan,

and all of the awesome authors who have requested me.   

With the pandemic changing the way we work, I've used the time to learn how to set up a home studio!

 I converted my walk-in closet into the space I'd need, and thanks to a great rep at Sweetwater, I'm geared up with:

Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface, Rode NT-1 condenser mic, Sony mdr-7506 headphones, and Gator Frameworks mic stand. 

And after countless webinars from the good folks over at the SAG-AFTRA foundation,

I decided to go with StudioOne and Izotope Rx7 for my software, so now a sista is a home-studio-audiobooking machine!

  | stay tuned | 

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All CIty
Small Silent Things
Mercy House

Accents: American Southern, Redneck Southern, General American, NYC/Northeast, Male & Female


awards & nominations:

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 |  Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award  |

"Alena Dillon's debut novel reveals the inequities and injustices wrought by the misuse of power. Stellar performances by an amazing cast peel away layers of pain, abuse, rage, and distrust. Three Catholic nuns in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy neighborhood run a shelter for women brutalized by the men in their lives. Bishop Hawkins, who believes their work offends Catholic doctrine, is determined to close the house. He butts heads with Sister Evelyn, beautifully portrayed by Dawn Harvey. With her own dark secrets, Evelyn protects the women in her charge as fiercely as a mother tiger. We hear horrific tales from Mei-Li (Catherine Ho), Lucia (Scarlette Hayes), Desirée (Eboni Flowers), Katrina (Caitlin Kelly) and Esther (Bahni Turpin), and each woman's story is delivered with heartbreaking honesty. Absolutely riveting." 
S.J.H. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile 2020, Portland, Maine [Published: FEBRUARY 2020]

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|The  2020 Swoon Awards|




Queen Move by Kennedy Ryan 
Winner of Best Narration- Eboni Flowers & Jakobi Diem 
Nominated Best Contemporary Romance- Queen Move